Lomar Printers prides itself on being able to offer one-stop shopping to all customers looking for stock packaging, small and large. Because of our broad range of stock folding cartons and the ability to create custom packaging, we are able to service order sizes from 50 to 1,000,000 boxes. Coupled with OUR manufacturing capabilities are our knowledgeable & creative customer service team, and the sky is your limit. Lomar Printer's specialty is our ability to meet your needs as your business grows and changes.

Gift Boxes
Food Boxes
Cupcake Boxes
Gable Boxes
Tuck In Top Boxes

Fast Food Boxes, Popcorn Boxes, Cake Boxes, Donut Boxes, Meal Boxes, Chip Scoops, Pizza Boxes, Favor Boxes, Burger Boxes , Chinese Noodle Boxes, Chocolote boxes, Confectionery Boxes, Pita Boxes, Catering Boxes, Burger Boxes, Soap Boxes, Candle Boxes, Perfume Boxes.